WP Extended Pro – 2.2.2 Update

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Another great update has been released, this time we have spent time on refining the experience in existing modules, addressing some minor bugs reported and released a new module too!

New: Duplicate Menu Module
The “Duplicate Menu Module” is a part of the WP Extended plugin for WordPress. In simple terms? It’s a handy tool that lets you quickly copy any menu on your website. No need to build from scratch if you already have something you like!


Fast Duplication: With a click, you can have a twin of your favorite menu.

Easy to Use: It’s built into the usual WordPress menu area, so there’s no new tricky interface to learn.

Keeps Everything: When you copy a menu, all its items and links come along for the ride.

Plays Well With Others: This module gets along with most themes and other plugins.

Edit on the Go: After copying, if you want to make changes to the new menu, you can. It won’t mess with the original.

So, if you’re looking to save some time and effort on your WordPress site, the Duplicate Menu Module in WP Extended might just be the tool you’ve been waiting for.


Update: Admin UI now has the option to change the width of the sidebar menu. This
Update: Admin UI now has the option to hide specific Admin bar menu items.
Update: Interface UI updates throughout including better tab design for Modules and Settings.


Fix: Fixed issue regarding CSS conflicts with the plugin ‘Automatic CSS’
Fix: Fixed issue with changing the admin url not working with Password protected pages
Fix: Fixed issue with Hide Admin Notices displaying an error notice from the core.

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