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The plugin of choice extending the WordPress core features with all of the essential tools needed to manage a professional WordPress website.
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No more plugin clutter & bloat


Incredible Modules


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Boasting over 40 modules, WP Extended can replace many of your plugins with a single seamless solution that is continuously getting better.

Pick & choose what you need, and when!

With WP Extended you can enjoy WordPress like never before, providing you with all of the essential features needed to maintain a professional website.
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A safe & seemeless integration

WP Extended plays nicely with your
existing WordPress setup

WP Extended does not worry about your WordPress stack, such as page builders or themes.
The WordPress professional's choice

Loved by WordPress users from all over the world

The plugin you didn’t know you needed until you found it…
Ellie from Rove Consulting left a 5 star review on
Rove Consulting
One thing I really like that I can just toggle the features I need...
Shahjahan from Fluent Forms left a 5 star review on
Shahjahan Jewel
Fluent Forms
WP Extended is one of the best plugins for saying goodbye to multiple plugins.
Sumit Singh from WP Lovers left a 5 star review on
Sumit Singh
WP Lovers
This would be my swiss army plugin for my projects...
Pacho from left a 5 star review on
Pacho Gzz
Simple but most useful plugin for all WordPress sites
Meet Mehta left a 5 star review on
Meet Mehta
WordPress Dev
I have removed 5 plugins from every site i work on now
Ruben Garcia Jr left a 5 star review on
Ruben Garcia Jr
A must-have plugin with a great team behind it...!
Stratos left a 5 star review on
Stratos Tutorials
Bought the Pro version immediately without hesitation
Pid1984 left a 5 star review on
WordPress Dev
It’s the perfect substitute for a bunch of other plugins
Val left a 5 star review on
WordPress Dev
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