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We are here to drop a big update on you! Check out some of the releases below.
Here’s the list of new modules that we have created so your experience in WordPress could not only be better, but customized, faster, secure, and easier!


Customising the wp-admin URL
By default, the ‘/wp-admin’ URL extension leads directly to the WordPress admin login page. WP Extended addresses this vulnerability with a module that allows you to customise the wp-admin URL.

Disabling XML-RPC
XML-RPC, while useful for enabling remote connections and data transmission, can be manipulated by cybercriminals for malicious intent. By turning off this feature when it’s not needed, you can safeguard your site against potential attacks such as DDoS and brute force.

Concealing the WordPress Version Number from Source Code
Your WordPress version number, if accessible, can provide hackers with insights into potential vulnerabilities specific to that version. To prevent this, WP Extended offers a module that removes the WordPress version number from the source code of your site.

Disabling User Enumeration
User enumeration is a technique used by attackers to discover the usernames of your website’s registered users. WP Extended’s ‘Disable User Enumeration’ module safeguards user information by blocking this method of information gathering.

Blocking the ‘Admin’ Username
The username ‘Admin’ is commonly used in many WordPress installations and is, therefore, an easy target for brute force attacks. WP Extended helps to combat this with the ‘Block the Username “Admin”‘ module, discouraging the use of predictable usernames and making it harder for hackers to guess your login details.

Maintenance Mode **update
Our redesigned interface now introduces a more efficient way to create maintenance mode pages. With the new ‘set-to-live’ feature, you can conveniently toggle your maintenance mode on and off as required. On top of that, this update includes an improved design, simplifying the process of creating temporary maintenance mode pages.


WP Admin Quick Search
With real-time navigation, this tool can really elevate your WordPress experience. The module allows you to seamlessly search and navigate to posts, pages, taxonomies, or terms on the Frontend and Backend.


Disable Gutenberg **update
We’ve enhanced the Disable Gutenberg module to now offer customisable control where you can select specific pages and post types you wish to manage.

Brand New UI
WP Extended now boasts a revitalised interface, streamlining the location and management of our ever-expanding module toolset. The aesthetic enhancements aren’t just for visual appeal, they also set the stage for future scalability of WP Extended, simplifying its management. Additionally, the design echoes a WordPress-centric style, offering a familiar and intuitive user experience.

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