Looking Back at 2023 and Our 2024 Roadmap

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As we bid adieu to a memorable 2023 and step eagerly into 2024, let’s embark on a reflective journey through the past year with WP Extended. It’s been a period brimming with achievements, learning, and community spirit. So, settle in as we revisit these milestones and share a glimpse of the exciting future ahead!

1. The Launch That Set the Stage

April 2023 marked the beginning of an exciting chapter with the launch of WP Extended. The response was overwhelming, leading us to fast-track our development plans. The enthusiasm from those who availed of our limited-time deals was heartwarming. Your early adoption and feedback have been instrumental in shaping the plugin’s evolution. This success is not just ours; it’s a shared victory with our community.

2. Unforgettable Moments at WordCamp Athens

WordCamp Europe 2023

Our experience at WordCamp Athens was nothing short of extraordinary. It wasn’t just a conference; it was a melting pot of ideas, creativity, and passion for WordPress. Meeting fellow developers, plugin creators, and engaging with the broader WordPress community was enlightening. But the cherry on top was meeting our customers face-to-face. Your stories, how you use WP Extended, and your suggestions have been invaluable, shaping our roadmap for future updates.

3. A Nod to Innovation: Award Nomination

Nominated for an award at the prestigious All Things Business NBEA awards
Nominated for an award at the prestigious All Things Business NBEA awards

Our journey took an exciting turn when we were nominated for an innovation award. Being recognized as a finalist in such a prestigious category, especially in our first year, was humbling and exhilarating. This acknowledgment validates our commitment to pushing boundaries and innovating in the WordPress space. It has fueled our determination to continue delivering groundbreaking features and services.

4. Community and Customer Growth: Our Strength

The growth of our community and customer base has been a cornerstone of our success. Witnessing nearly 10,000 downloads of WP Extended Free and a community burgeoning to nearly 300 members is awe-inspiring. Your active participation, feedback, and support have created a thriving ecosystem around WP Extended. Each discussion, suggestion, and story shared within the community has contributed to making WP Extended more robust and user-friendly.

5. Looking Ahead to 2024: Bigger Plans, Broader Horizons

As we step into 2024, our roadmap is filled with exciting developments. The upcoming release of version 3.0 in Q1 is just the beginning. We aim to revolutionise the way WordPress users manage their sites by enhancing each module of WP Extended. Our vision is to offer a seamless experience, reducing the need for multiple plugins and ensuring stability and security. Additionally, our commitment to accessibility will ensure WP Extended is a tool for everyone, bridging gaps and building inclusive digital spaces.

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