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Version 3.0.3

  • Update: Code Snippets (Beta) - entire UI & UX overhaul
  • Update: Code Snippets (Beta) - added PHP Code type option
  • Update: Custom Login URL - repositioned the info box
  • Update: Block usernames - sub-menu is singular to plural “Block Usernames”
  • Fix: SMTP Email - Set default admin email for "From Email" field

Version 3.0.2

  • Update: Admin Columns - Resetting functionality improvement.
  • Fix: Menu Editor - Success message display issue resolved.
  • Fix: Duplicate Menu - Validation for duplicate menu name field.
  • Fix: Admin Columns - Default media layout rendering blank in some cases.
  • Fix: Admin Customiser - Tweaks to UI.
  • Fix: Maintenance Mode: Headline field now mandatory.
  • Fix: Custom Login URL - Default back to ‘wp-admin’ slug if custom slug removed within the field.
  • Fix: Improved accessibility on switches throughout.
  • Fix: Code improvements throughout.

Version 3.0.1

  • Update: Admin column - Ability to add a custom taxonomy.
  • Update: SMTP - Added new form field "From" on the settings page.
  • Update: UI in Custom Login URL to auto include domain.
  • Update: Consistency in design on labels and form fields.
  • Update: Hide Update: Admin Bar - Added a table heading label to the settings page.
  • Update: Activated modules notification background color.
  • Update: Optimisation of all modules CSS files.
  • Update: Code Snippets - Added validation for the Snippet title.
  • Update: Tested with the latest version of WordPress 6.5.5.
  • Fixed: Activate/Deactivate module warning is showing (PHP Warning: touch(): Unable to create file).
  • Fixed: Admin column - UI issue with Yoast plugin Columns title in post/page listing.

Version 3.0.0

  • Big Update: Entire UI & UX overhaul
  • Big Update: Core & Modules codebase overhaul
  • New: Modules: Realtime Module search filter
  • New: Modules: Layout switcher [List/Grid]
  • New: Settings: Option to hide or show sub-option module pages
  • New: Settings: Option to delete all plugin data when removed
  • New: Block Username: Block multiple usernames
  • New: Indexing Notice
  • New: Admin Customiser: Login page color and logo options
  • Update: Rename: TidyNav => Menu Editor
  • Update: Quick Search Module UI - Grouping search results
  • Update: Quick Search Module Security - Sanitizing & validating to prevent various types of injection attacks, including SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS), Escaping outputs, Nonces for AJAX requests & Permission checks.
  • Update: Quick Search Module Accessibility - Adding ARIA Labels & Roles, Using Semantic HTML and Improving Keyboard Navigation & Ensuring Color Contrast and Focus Styles.
  • Update: Menu Editor - PHP Notice Offset on Value of Type Null Fixed - This update addresses and resolves the PHP notice related to offset on a null value type, ensuring smoother operation and fewer error messages during menu editing.
  • Update: Design enhancements have been implemented on the plugin dashboard, enhancing usability and aesthetics for a better user experience.
  • Update: Rename: Insert Snippets => Code Snippets
  • Update: Settings: Added links to ‘Docs’, ‘Changelog’ and ‘Blog’
  • Update: Admin Customiser: Replace Adminbar Logo option
  • Update: Admin Customiser: Additional color select options
  • Update: Admin Columns: Create custom columns with data select
  • Update: SMTP Email: Email log sent status graph added
  • Update: Maintenance Mode: New options for Headline, Body Text, and Footer text color options.
  • Update: Tested on PHP versions 8.1, 8.2 & 8.3
  • Update: Tested with WordPress 6.4.5
  • Fix: Maintenance Mode - Undefined Index Fixed - The maintenance module has been improved by fixing the undefined index issue, leading to more stable and error-free maintenance mode management.
  • Fix: WP Extended SMTP Email - Removed Required Fields - The SMTP Email settings have been streamlined by removing previously mandatory fields, allowing for a more flexible and user-friendly configuration process.
  • Fix: Conflict in LearnDash LMS add/edit post screen resolved

Version 2.2.9

  • New: Export & Import Settings
  • Update: Admin Columns: Custom Taxonomies now included in all post types
  • Update: Minor UI tweaks
  • Update: Tested with WordPress 6.4.2
  • Fix: Conflict in LearnDash LMS add/edit post screen resolved

Version 2.2.8

  • New: Delete all data option upon deleting plugin functionality
  • Update: Interface updates
  • Update: User role string appearance in module lists cleaned up
  • Update: Code optimisation to core

Version 2.2.7

  • Update: Compatibility updates for Php 8.0+
  • Update: Compatibility updates for WordPress 6.4+
  • Fix: Admin Columns: Woo not displaying on some versions
  • Fix: Admin Columns: CPT created with ACF posts not displaying on some versions
  • Fix: Login Limit: Warnings fixed reported from Php 8.0+

Version 2.2.6

  • New: Admin Columns (Supports Core, CPT’s WooCommerce & Yoast)
  • Update: Tested with WordPress 6.4.1
  • Update: SMTP Module: Now has encryption options & port field
  • Fix: TidyNav issue with critical error (Php 8.*)
  • Fix: SMTP issue with 500 error on a shared server env
  • Fix: Conflict with the ACF plugin when Media Replace module is enabled

Version 2.2.5

  • New: Enable Media Replace
  • New: Clean Dashboard Widgets
  • Update: Added “Switch back to user name” sub-menu item under Howdy Profile Menu

Version 2.2.4

  • New: User Switching Module
  • New: Nav Menu Visibility
  • New: Disable RSS Feeds
  • New: User Last Login Timestamp
  • New: Obfuscate Author Slugs
  • New: Redirect 404 to Homepage
  • New: Open All External Links in the New Tab
  • New: External Permalinks
  • Update: TidyNav - Sidebar menu ordering for Roles and Users
  • Update: TidyNav - Introducing Admins & Admin Users as an option
  • Update: New logo added to plugin sidebar menu item
  • Update: Minor UI/UX updates & improvements throughout
  • Fix: Post ordering conflict with page builder post loop queries

Version 2.2.3

  • New: SMTP Module Email Log now available
  • Update: Tidy up of modules dashboard UI
  • Fix: TidyNav accessing the Dashboard issue when disabled
  • Fix: Background color issue on Maintenance Mode

Version 2.2.2

  • New: Duplicate Menu Module
  • Update: UI amends to TidyNav switches - Enabling the switch will now disable the menu item.
  • Update: Admin UI now has the option to hide specific Admin bar menu items.
  • Update: Admin UI now has the option to hide specific Admin bar menu items.
  • Update: Interface UI updates throughout including better tab design for Modules and Settings.
  • Fix: Fixed issue regarding CSS conflicts with the plugin ‘Automatic CSS’
  • Fix: Fixed issue with changing the admin url not working with Password protected pages
  • Fix: Fixed issue with Hide Admin Notices displaying an error notice from the core.

Version 2.2.1

  • Fix: Export Posts & Pages - Resolved issue where terms show as Array(), now outputting the correct terms
  • Fix: TidyNav - CPT save redirection issue resolved when saving any CPT it was redirecting to default post type page list
  • Fix: TidyNav - Updated the UI for tablet/smaller screens
  • Update: Extended security for Download CSV posts & pages

Version 2.2.0

  • New: Plugin & Theme Rollback
  • Update: SMTP email extended and added new field (From name)
  • Update: Maintenance Mode - Converted Color Pickers to WordPress default

Version 2.1.0

  • New: SMTP Email Module
  • Update: UI Tweaks
  • Update: Performance Improvements

Version 2.0.2

  • Fix: Caching issue not loading the latest CSS files within the plugin (icons and settings tab)
  • Fix Module: Tested and resolved an issue with PHP 8.0*.
  • Fix: General bug fixes and performance-related issues.

Version 2.0.1

  • New: Brand new UI and module categorisation
  • New Module: Custom wp-admin URL
  • New Module: Disabling XML-RPC
  • New Module: Hide WordPress Version Number (From Source Code)
  • New Module: Disabling User Enumeration
  • New Module: Blocking the ‘Admin’ Username
  • New Module: WP Admin Quick Search
  • New Module: Customise Admin UI
  • Update: Maintenance Mode
  • Update: Disable Gutenberg
  • Fix: Post Type Switcher (Allow to switch posts => pages/pages => posts)

Version 2.0.0

  • New: Maintenance Mode - Admin can set site under maintenance mode
  • Update: improved slowness issue on Limit Login Attempts
  • Update: fixed the js issue on All Notices toggle under Admin notice setting page

Version 1.0.3

  • Update: Post & Page Order: Issue resolved when the popular plugin “Admin Columns” is installed
  • Update: Hide all notices & warnings within the WP Extended Modules Dashboard

Version 1.0.2

  • New: Hide admin bar: Admins can now choose which user role will display the Admin Bar when logged in.
  • New: Disable Gutenberg Widgets: Reverting back to the Classic WordPress Widgets.
  • Update: Post & Page Order: Removed console. log under post order module JavaScript file
  • Update: Limited Login Attempts: Removal of the incorrectly attempted password column from the database table
  • Update: Hide Admin Notices: UI updates from overlapping plugin notices

Version 1.0.1

  • Fix: License date format
  • Fix: Post ordering issue
  • Removed: JQuery feedback notice from Pro version

Version 1.0.0

  • First version release
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