Why did we build
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In January 2023 we embarked on the ambitious journey of creating WP Extended driven by our internal struggles with managing many plugins across multiple websites. Each addition not only consumed our time with updates but also increased the potential for conflicts. WP Extended was our answer.

By merging essential features into a single solution, we’ve reduced the clutter of multiple plugins, streamlined our update process, and lessened concerns about compatibility issues.

Dan Barrett - Founder of WP Extended

Built by professionals for professionals

Time Saving

Prior to WP Extended, we were constantly caught up in the cycle of updating plugins across our clients' websites. This didn't just eat into our hours, but it also posed risks of inconsistencies and potential hiccups in performance. With WP Extended, our landscape changed dramatically. By amalgamating the features of multiple plugins into one unified solution, we no longer needed to juggle countless updates. We are now able to roll out a single, streamlined solution across all our websites, saving us time and ensuring we consistently deliver a first class experience to every client.

Cost Effective

Swapping out numerous plugins for WP Extended eliminates the necessity for multiple subscription fees. This not only cuts down on annual renewals but will also save you money. Additionally, it will streamline the quoting process, allowing you to offer clients clear estimates without the uncertainty of surprise costs. Additionally, as we continue to add more modules to WP Extended, its value will only continue to grow.

Risk Free

WP Extended is not just about simplicity and savings; it's about embracing a risk-free approach to web development. With fewer plugins integrated into your website, the chances of encountering code conflicts dramatically decrease. Relying on free plugins can be a gamble, as there's always the looming possibility of their development being halted, leaving users in a lurch. But with WP Extended, you're in safe hands. Our support stands unmatched, primarily because we stem from an agency background. We understand the intricacies, challenges, and demands of the industry, ensuring that you receive the best assistance possible.

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