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Quick Image Replace
The Quick Image Replace module adds a convenient feature to your posts or custom posts, allowing you to manage featured images directly from the WordPress admin post list. This eliminates the need to edit each post individually, streamlining your image management process and saving time.

Step 1 – Setup:

Login to your website

Ensure WP Extended / WP Extended Pro is installed and activated

Navigate to the WP Extended menu item

Locate the Quick Image Replace Module

Switch the module on


Step 2 – Configure:

Once enabled, access the Quick Image Replace module config within the new sub-menu

Here you can now set which posts you would like to have this feature enabled, you will be able to enable this on all available post types, including any custom post types available.

Once configured, go ahead and hit the Save button


Step 3 – How to use:

Head over to your posts or custom posts where you have now enabled the module

You can now manage your posts featured images without having to access each post individually, allowing you to update the images ‘on the fly’

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