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Insert Snippets

Add CSS or JavaScript code snippets to your website header and footers

Plugin Module Overview - Insert Snippets

Adding CSS and JS into your website is now a breeze with the Insert Snippets Module. This user-friendly tool enables you to effortlessly add code snippets to your website's header and footer, streamlining the process for a more seamless experience.


Step 1 – Setup:

Login to your website

Ensure WP Extended / WP Extended Pro is installed and activated

Navigate to the WP Extended menu item

Locate the Insert Snippets Module

Switch the module on


Step 2 – How to use:

Access the Insert Snippets module from the new sub-menu

To begin, click on the Add New button to reveal a field to insert your code snippet

Choose your code location from either the Head or Footer

When you are complete, click on the Save button to insert the code into your website

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