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Duplicate Pages & Posts
Maximize efficiency with the Duplicate Pages & Posts module, which features a handy new option for quickly and easily duplicating posts. You can now replicate posts directly from the post list or within the post editing screen using a new button in the navigation bar, saving time and effort in managing your content.

Step 1 – Setup:

Login to your website

Ensure WP Extended / WP Extended Pro is installed and activated

Navigate to the WP Extended menu item

Locate the Duplicate Pages & Posts Module

Switch the module on


Step 2 – How to use:

Navigate to the Posts section from the admin navigation menu

When hovering a post, you will see a new option to “Duplicate”, simply click on this to clone the post

Additionally, when editing a post there is a new button which allows you to quickly and easy duplicate your post without having to return back to the post list screen.

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