WP Extended Logo Guidelines

Before using our logo, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines to keep it looking its best.

Primary Colours & Logo

WP Extended Blue #0051A4
WP Extended Steel #F1EFFF
Full Logotype - Blue
Logo Symbol - Blue
Full Logotype - White
Logo Symbol - White

Black Logo

If you can’t use our color logo we also have black and white options.
Please use the black logo on bright backgounds and the white logo on dark backgrounds.

Full Logotype - Black
Logo Symbol - Black

Clear Space

It’s important to give the logo some room to breathe. When using the logo, please keep the specified clear space. The amount of clear space around our logo should be a minimum of third the size of the logo symbol.

Full Logotype
Logo Symbol

Brand Do’s & Don’ts

Here are some examples of how to use and not use the WP Extended logo.

  • Don’t use gradient on the logo
  • Don’t use type without symbol
  • Use black logo on bright/light background
  • Don’t use white logo on bright/light background
  • Don’t use the colour logo on images
  • Use the white logo on images.
    To make the logo clear, use a black layer with 50% opacity.

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